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» Games

for smartphones or good ol’ computers,

needless to say, LGO specializes in advergames (advertisements + games)
not only fosters repeated traffic when uploaded to your website
can collect customer data through registration for prizes, for example
instant product placement
for prizes, powerups and the like
virtual advertisement
integration in the gameplay
fun games = core
brand awareness, message association,
casual games

Ever had those times when you just want to drop everything and run to your smartphone (or tablet) for that much-needed escape/distraction? We feel you. And so do most of the population – working or otherwise.

You need something cool for your product or business launch? Trying to get people to learn easily? We’ll create a game for you.


Smartphones, productivity apps, time-killers, photo/video sharing, customized, basically whatever you can think of

Yep, every full-pledged program/software worth using is worth using in your smartphone/tablet. We do that, too. LGO can turn your existing software into an app so you can use it everywhere. Or we can make a brand new one especially for you.

Want your smartphone to notify you when are the show dates of your favorite movie will be? And the box-office __ it hit every day?

Want a

We make an app for that (and for countless other things that are supposed to make life easier for you).