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Portfolio Web Get a Quote Brand Awareness

» Reviews

We also work our way into getting your product/brand (or in some cases, you yourself) more exposure so you could have those valuable
reviews that will raise your positive rep organically. Of course,
offensive or just generally bad reviews with no basis whatsoever
in case you’re wondering, we don’t do puff pieces
consumer review and professional review
product review
and the ever-misleading (but funny as hell) spoof reviews by trolls
opposed to traditional review methods
supposedly by a client who availed of the service or bought the product
which are then rated by the community according to its helpfulness or accuracy
question the reliability of the whole system
difficult to prove, for example, that the reviewer actually used or bought the product he is reviewing
then there’s the abuses that come in the form of scathing reviews that came from competitors
and the fact that most of these popular review sites are supported by ads doesn’t help at all
those ads are obviously coming from businesses and with that, what’s our assurance that they
won’t shy away from publishing those not-so-good reviews about them
counterproductive for
about people, services, products and businesses as a whole

the thing is, such review and ratings site are evidently influencing purchasing behavior of
the issue of anonymity in such platforms,
so practically anyone can post glowing reviews about a service or mercilessly bash it
the question of their objectivity
rave or rant

they even recognize that they cannot guarantee accuracy or validity in any content, kinda like
use it at your own risk
pay for expert reviews, some actually send products to professionals in their field for review,

even before the official launch

then there's the professional-looking sites that focuses on raving (or ranting) about certain products that are actually just blogs dedicated to doing just that, that is, no comments allowed

» Content Creation

We’re good at coming up with creative and engaging pieces that are not rehashed from some other sources, original, no chance of getting flagged for spam or trash content, LGO takes care of everything involved in making

also optimizing that content with the right phrases, in just the right amount, for it to be search-engine friendly

writing the content for ORM campaigns is included in the package