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Everyone can agree that social media is a powerful double-edged sword, can enable just about anyone to wreck someone’s reputation by just one post, even if unintentional, fortunately, the same platform in the hands of a watchful, quick and __ PR can __ avert a potential PR nightmare/disaster not only to keep up with the pace of your audience, also to quickly monitor/address issues that are being brought up in the online world at real time.

Everyone can safely agree that social media is the single most tedious thing to monitor on earth. Imagine billions of people with access to the web from different devices and using numerous websites to publish or comment about every single thing they know/experience. Yep, pretty overwhelming. But not with a team of skilled techies working on it. LGO is capable of keeping track of what people say about you in all of the major social media sites (sites that actually matter). We’re talking Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, Myspace (yes, still alive), Google+, YouTube (that counts). Not only do we keep tabs on your social media standing, we also have our ways to actually get the talk started about how awesome you are (okay, maybe a bit more subtle than that). Check out our Brand Awareness service.

Customers or not, people are talking about you online while the rest of the world listens.

Some businesses are wary of the mob rule that this concept presents but social media is just another double-edged sword – positive comments about your business will benefit you the same way that negative stuff can hound you in the search results – you simply have to effectively manage what you can control.

The Internet is all about the social media now and simply having an account in leading social media sites will not weigh heavily on the search signals. You have to have real interactions regularly for them to be really valuable. Site participation (e.g. connecting to other users, receiving comments and uploading photos) makes your profile more authentic than just a place to get backlinks from.