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Brand Awareness

More than Ads.


People are constantly hooked up with their smartphones and their tablets are always within arm’s reach so it makes it even more profitable for businesses to connect to them through the web. We’re not only talking about advertisements here, we’re talking complete marketing strategy that doesn’t smell like one.

Social media is an effective way to market, much like the word of mouth, as it would come from someone that user trust rather than from the company itself, which would just sound too, um, scripted. This is where everyone interacts with everyone and builds networks – a place where every interaction gives a personal vibe. Needless to say, it’s the perfect venue to reach more people and provide a more individual experience in customer service to each one. Coupled with quality content, your presence in social networks will surely gain organic following.


Want to draw participants to an event? Or attract potential customers by launching a new product? Thinking about rebranding your company? We’ll take that to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Pinterest.

Today, something like a product launch is not just a carefully-planned marketing event where you would expect lots of freebies, drinks, photos and sharp dresses. And it's not just about inviting major media personnel to cover it either – the Internet way is done quite differently. On the web, you have to be able to draw EVERYONE's attention, and, we can't stress this strongly enough, be extra creative.

For instance, introduce promo deals as an incentive for users who will follow/like/re-tweet/repost/mention your brand. This is one surefire way to increase brand visibility. (In fact, every time you use the word FREE you just have to sit back and watch it skyrocket.) Plus, each user that mentions you or your brand becomes an ambassador for everyone can read and comment on it.

It’s a given that the higher the count of connections your account has, the higher the conversion rate is (more possibility of clients target market). But of course it’s not enough that you have numerous connections, it’s more important to have the right ones.

Making a positive stir by creating something that draws attention to your content and encourage others to share it is great but you have to handle it smartly. But that’s not to say be sensational in a way that will make you infamous (we’re not really a fan of the bad-publicity-is-still-publicity routine). LGO has ample experience and established accounts in place to start a wildfire of influence and let it take its natural course.

Since LGO specializes in SEO campaigns, this one’s a no-brainer for us. We could easily promote your brand online. We know how this thing works.