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» How it Works?

Let us outline for you just how simple and complex the whole thing works, for your protection or for repair, how we will go about doing this whole __

Still not convinced that this service is for you, too? Let us give you an overview on how this whole ORM thing works.
Background: People are on the Internet and sooner and later you/your brand will get mentioned – it’s only a matter of knowing in what light you’re seen. Patrolling the vast __ of the web is difficult enough, imagine trying to control all the bad/__ stuff on all fronts.


LGO can help you jumpstart a stellar online presence by introducing/launching you in social media sites and making your virtual persona an accurate reflection of the real thing. We’ll create and manage all your profiles on different social sites and blogs to gain a solid stream of following on all fronts. Getting noticed and gaining the attention of people that matter in the Internet is a matter of following them first and consistently posting valuable insights to the specific field you want to be recognized in. This is the stage that takes most of the time as we’re starting from square one in everything (presuming that you don’t have an online presence whatsoever at all). This means posting updates on Facebook that are actually useful and far from sounding like a “good-morning-I-had-toast-today” post. Also, re-tweeting is good and so is using hash tags but overdoing it will do little for followers to stay on board. You have to actually pay attention and tweet a witty but inoffensive opinion on something very timely. LGO has those down to a science. :)


Here is where we presume you already have that significantly strong presence online that the threat of getting flamed is very real already. Basically, we keep track of all mentions you get in forums, blogs, headlines and social media sites. Although we’re crossing our fingers that there never has to be any bad word referring to you, it is simply inevitable for there to be no criticism or just plain bad-mouthing (from real clients and critics-posing-as-experts alike).


The good news: you are actually getting significant online exposure especially in the search results to need this kind of service. The bad news: it’s for all the wrong reasons. Another good news: LGO can help. In some ways, this is like launching an SEO campaign, only more intensive and has a two-pronged approach–pushing the negative results down the SERP into oblivion while getting the positive results up the first page. Now, the concept may sound too easy but the tricky part is in choosing what strategies to employ and the timing.