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» Social Media Campaign

No one would pass up the opportunity to utilize Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and other social sites in doing SEO campaigns, especially now that Google can flag a website for containing spam or penalize it for an attempt to game the system.

But, we would hate to spam the social networks so we really make it a point to create sensible content first that will go along with the proper links and keywords. Yup, LGO stands by the ethical side of the virtual population.

For the complete brand recognition campaign (and in case you need more convincing about the value of social media), go to Brand Awareness page.

» Search Analytics

Our clients receive a periodic report on each SEO campaign they sign up for and you could also get one when you register with us. We like to keep you updated on things because they change quite fast online. Also, seeing the progress in reports will help you decide on what further courses to take on your campaign.

Don’t worry about getting a jargon-filled report that is full of technical stuff you are not expected to understand. We are very well aware that not everyone speaks binary so we try our best to translate them into English. Plus, we’ll be throwing in some infographics, charts or graphs once in a while to make it easier for you to visualize what is going on.

What to expect? A compilation and analysis of search engine stats to help you understand your website’s standing and improve it. LGO’s data collection method ensures accurate and fresh data on the following:

  • keyword analysis and monitoring
  • webpage speed
  • SERP
  • search history
  • comparisons with competitors
  • search volume trends

And whatever you do, please double check your code for typographical errors especially on titles, header and descriptions. There’s no Autocorrect for spiders.

» Technical

For starters, optimizing your code makes it easier for search engines to find you. Clean codes are strong foundation for your website; everything is useless if the search engine can’t even find your pages or load the website properly.

LGO can standardize your coding so spiders will not get confused or ignore it and make sure your website is a browser-compatible to the big four (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Opera) and the others. We’re also careful in rewriting URL into permalink that is readable (just to avoid different URLs pointing to the same webpage, because this could be seen as duplicate content).

Like hackers, there are black hat and white hat SEO. White hats follow legit guidelines and prioritize the benefit of the users – no tricking the algorithm. LGO is the home of white-hat SEO strategies. LGO can take care of things under the hood like HTML codes and site structure, add relevant keywords on your sites metadata (could help you choose the best domain name, too). Let us help you with:

  • error-free HTML code
  • site architecture
  • sitemap syntax
  • robots meta tag
  • load speed
  • robots.txt syntax
  • 301 redirects
  • title tags
  • invalid URLs
  • unpaired or broken tags
  • whitespace (yeah, that’s an issue, too)

And whatever you do, please double check your code for typographical errors especially on titles, header and descriptions. There’s no autocorrect for spiders.